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Practical information Møvik fortress

Opening hours

Møvik fortress area is open 24 hours throughout the year. Admission is free.


There is no entrance fee to the fortress area. Events and other happenings may have various prices.


Visiting adress
The main entrance of  Møvik fortress is at Kommandørkaptein Klincks road.
See map of the area in Google maps 


How to get to Møvik fortress?

By bus
Go to Møvik fortress by bus using route M1 Flekkerøy.  

By car
Follow the E 39 towards Stavanger, then take R456 towards Vågsbygd and finally take the R457 towards Møvik fortress.

Parking is free and the parking spots are...


Getting aroung at the fortress area 

Where are they?

Wheelchair users
Generally the Møvik fortress area is not very tilrettelagd for physicly disabled people. Still thera are several areas where wheenchairs and baby strollers can moove about.


Show respect at the fortress
Møvik fort is a preserved national cultural monument so please be kind to the surroundings with buildings, ruins, monuments and park facilities. The lawns are for use.  Please be kind with our trees, as well. 

Please thow all garbage in the trash cans, and recycle when possible. 

Bring the dog

You can bring your dog, but you have to keep it in leashe all year.


Open fire of any kind or barbecueing is not alloud on the fortress area. 

What's on at the fortress?

See all events at Møvik fortress on Facebook.

Map of Møvik fortress and visiting address
Møvik fort's main entrance is at Kommandørkaptein Klincks vei.

Find Møvik fort ress in Google Maps



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