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NDEA in English

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA) is an administrative agency subordinate to the Ministry of Defence. The agency`s primary tasks relate to the planning, construction, administration, leasing and disposal by sale of defence estates and properties.

The Norwegian Armed Forces represents the agency`s largest and most important customer but the agency is not part of the Armed Forces` military organisation.

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency is divided into four units:

Fighter Aircraft Base (Kampflybase) is responsible for providing the facilities for the future combat aircraft F-35 at Ørland and Evenes.

Projects and Disposal (Prosjekt og avhending) is responsible for the development of new buildings and facilities for the Armed Forces. The unit manages and takes part in the whole process from concept development to final delivery. 
This unit also sells property that is no longer needed by the Armed Forces. Environmental clearing and adaptation for civilian use fall under its areas of responsibility. 

Property and Facility Management (Eiendomsforvaltning) is responsible for managing and renting out a total of 4.07 million square metres of property, buildings and facilities – from combat and defence installations to camps and housing for military employees.This unit is also responsible for managing and enhancing Norway’s 15 historical fortifications. 

Recource center (Ressursenteret) offers consultancy services relating to security, the environment, R&D, law, cultural heratage, international operations and emergency planning.

This unit also delivers administrative support services to all business areas in the NDEA.Specialist advisory: 


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