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Military Heritage in norway

Military heritage is a priority within Norway´s cultural heritage protection, with an emphasis on the Second World War and The Cold War. Visit Northern Norway: Trømsø – Storfjord/Frøy, Narvik, Harstad – Meløyvær

4-7. september 2017
Kl. 09.00-16.00
Sted: Northern Norway

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Physical remains from both these periods have already been lost or are on the verge of disappearing leading to the loss of knowledge about military and ideological battlefields in conflict landscapes. The Icofort International Meeting 2017 will focus on the disappearing military heritage from the 20th century.

The identification and protection of military sites and landscapes has many challenges. The protection of remaining military heritage is in need of a professional network, to exchange experiences, provide new insights and inspire each other with good practice guidelines.

To offer a forum for current perspectives and different approach that are relevant to the protection of cultural heritage and cultural memory, Icofort Norway has invited three internationally recognized experts.

The event is organized by Icofort Norway with the support of Icofort International. The President of Icofort International, Milagros Flores, will be present at the conference and will lead the annual meeting.


Kystartillerikanon fra 2. verdenskrig, men mennesker i bakgrunnen.
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