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Opening hours and practical info on Karljohansvern

Opening hours for the fortress area

Karljohansvern is open 24 hours all year. Museums, exhibitions, and other activities have other opening hours.

Entrance fee
Free entrance to the fortress area. Other exhibitions, guided tours and activities (concerts etc.) could be subject to an entrance fee.

How to get to Karljohansvern?

By car
Find your way to Karljohansvern from Oslo, or from the south, by taking the E 18 and follow the traffic signs to Horten. In Horten follow signs to Karljohansvern. You have arrived at Karljohansvern when you take the bridge over the canal. 

Free parking in areas like parking space by Kulturverftet and by Kommandørkaptein Klincks road. See parking signs for available parking. 

Kulturverftet (inside the fortress walls) is a car-free area. Both driving and parking is forbidden there, deliveries is the only exception. 

The fortress area

Map over Karljohansvern
See map of fortress area in Google maps

The Musems and restaurants in the are has toilets for their visitors. Toilets adapted for wheelchair users are found in the museums. 

Special needs
Special parking spaces for physically disabled is available. Toilets adapted for wheelchair users are found in the museums. The terrain in the Karljohansvern area has easy accessibility. The roads have asphalt or gravel. Easy access to swimming areas, but there are not any ramps in the sea.

Safety and availability
Karljohansvern is a fortress close to the sea. Be careful on piers and keep an eye on the children.

Show respect
Karljohansvern is a listed national cultural monument and we ask everyone to take into account the surroundings with buildings, ruins, monuments and parks. The lawns are for use. Be kind to our trees.

Please throw trash in the trash bags.

Bring your dog
All dogs must be leashed at all times.

It is prohibited with barbecue and open fire.

Using drones
It is forbidden to fly drone on and over the fortress area.

Upocoming events
See all upcoming events on Karljohansvern's Facebook side.

Visiting address
Karljohansvern. The area is a peninsula that stretches for about 2 km. The cultural yard with museums and cultural workshops has the main entrance to Commander Klinck's road.

Find Karljohansvern on Google Maps

Contact us
Forsvarsbygg servicesenter

Contact the Fortress manager for inquiries about the fortress' management and rental of cultural arenas.

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