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Kristiansten Fortress is an important part of the City of Trondheim's identity and an area with excellent environmental qualities. Kristiansten Fortress is often used for various cultural events and the city's inhabitants use the area for recreational purposes.

Guided tours
Experience Norwegian defence history at close hand. You can combine your visit with a picnic in the beautiful grounds around the fortress.

Foreningen for Kristiansten festning ('Association for Kristiansten Fortress') organises guided tours and accepts bookings from groups. They have many capable guides who adapt tours to suit different groups.

You can enjoy a refreshing drink and a snack at Kafè Kommandanten. The cafè is in the small, but beautifully restored Commandant's Quarters. 

Salutes are fired on the birthdays of the King and Queen, and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, on VE Day, Constitution Day and Union Dissolution Day at 12.00 (13.00 on Sundays).

Dates of ordinary salutes:

  • 21 February - the King's birthday
  • 8 May – VE Day,
  • 17 May – Constitution Day
  • 7 June – Union Dissolution Day
  • 4 July - the Queen's birthday
  • 20 July - the Crown Prince's birthday,
  • 19 August - the Crown Princess's birthday.

The fortress trail
Walk at your own pace and learn about the nature, unique architecture and history of the fortress through the centuries. The map of the trail provides information about historical events and famous people, and what everyday life was like within the fortress's thick walls. The map also contains information about the design of the fortress, and explanations of what, to most of us, are unfamiliar words and expressions used about buildings, weapons and other things that were part of fortress life.

Tips for things you can do yourself: Large parts of the fortress consist of open parkland that you can use for recreation purposes. Visitors can enjoy a picnic, play ball games or just go for a walk in these areas. As long as you show due consideration for the historical surroundings, the only limit is your imagination.


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